[stel-og-ruh-fee] noun

1. the art of being the star that you are

2. living your dreams

Origin: 2013; from Latin stella- + Greek -graphia

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If people sat outside and looked at theĀ starsĀ each night, I'll bet they'd live a lot differently.

Bill Watterson
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Our initial goal was to live in Germany for a year or two.  Then we scaled that back to slow-travel New Zealand first (so we might be able to adjust more easily to a different lifestyle, and work on developing a patchwork of income).


After several years, that wasn't happening so we came full circle and threw everything into a once-in-a-lifetime O.E. (overseas experience) starting and ending in Germany and aiming to see a few other European countries in between, drawing on all of our life savings to do so.


Initially we thought we'd document in a diary-like form what activities we did as we travelled and include our own helpful family advice, but incredibly limited mobile data put paid to that idea.  It certainly was an experience and at times a seemingly insurmountable challenge but with a few special bits in between.  Sadly the 17-month European tour is now over but our adventure hasn't ended; and we get to blend the rich threads of our learnings into the strands of 'everyday' life in New Zealand.


We are forever changed and grateful for the opportunity to do life together wherever we are.