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Is all giving of equal worth?

Fluffies for the children in retro-chic cups & spoons


Inspired by the success of our candy cane give-away and impressed by the atmosphere of the Welcome Wednesday cafe, we set out on another random act of kindness.

This time, we had organised with the cafe manager to purchase vouchers for morning tea, and a few lunch ones too, so that we could give them away to strangers.


The task was harder than we anticipated as people were busy and had places to be - many were off to medical appointments.  

Unlike handing someone a candy cane, we had to explain where the cafe was, what the voucher entitled one to, when it was open etc.  A lot to take in when you are surprised with the information on the street.

It was also a challenge way outside Atlas and my comfort zones as we are not accustomed to being extroverted and walking up to complete strangers. (We leave that to the children who are great at it!).


The reactions of most were delightful though.  Eyes lit up at simply knowing it was a random act of kindness (something that most people seem to understand), some promised to pass it on.  It didn't appear to matter to others that they weren't able to take us up on the offer, they appreciated the sentiment.


Sadly the cafe ran out of the desserts rather quickly (scones & jam, chocolate cake and then the party cupcakes), the barista wasn't there for the first half hour, and only just over half redeemed their pre-paid vouchers.  The latter was personally really disappointing, as we thought we had gone to the trouble of qualifying that people were able to take up the offer.  In the end I guess it is the thought that counts, and ours was to allow young mums and older folks in particular to enjoy the relaxed environment and take some time out which they may not otherwise have afforded themselves.