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The Dematerialising War Zone

The signs I wrote about back in May are still on the door, and the kitchen and laundry haven't been started.

In the interim we had one of our vehicles stolen and the ensuing palaver with the insurance company, where we undoubtedly came out worse off.

This sadly stole my time and attention away from 3-d drawings and research over the last 3 1/2 months.  It is so frustrating, but I am trying to console myself that all things work together for good, and this delay must be for a reason.  It's not really working but there you go.

I have managed to consolidate my to-do lists into one prodigious master list, all printed out and in one place; and am working through it at several items per week, alongside the urgent life matters that consistently crop up.  Even though many of the tasks are big ones, my attitude is to ask myself the constructive 'what CAN I do?' rather than the overwhelming 'where do I start?'.

Do I feel guilty that I haven't reached my goal?  Yes and no.  I realise that I can't be held responsible for other people's action and have no control of when and where they may occur.  Embarassed may describe a little of what I feel, having put my goal out there, but then again, it's not as if I have dropped the ball and aren't still working towards them.  I am, just slightly adjusting the timing.

My focus is on the sense of freedom and achievement that I will feel when they are all crossed off; and what this will mean for the next phase in our lives - w~o~n~d~e~r~f~u~l!