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Discount deal websites

Grabone: A tractor ride then quite a hike to see the gannets


Getting away may be about doing nothing, or for others doing something or a lot.  Here is a list of websites to help you get your outdoor gear together for the road, and for the later group - to find a deal or two for activities at your destination.


The concept of discount, voucher and coupon websites is still relatively new to New Zealand, and while we have our share of loyalty programmes direct discounts to the general public certainly isn't as widespread as it is in larger populaces. 

Having said that you can still get a deal or two if you are willing to wait, be flexible and decisive.  Who doesn't like to stretch their funds a little further ‽


Most of the websites below require some sort of sign-up, whether that is to get their email notifications or eventually purchase their products/services.  Some though will allow a guest user; but if you are keen on a bargain and know what you are looking for, signing up to several for a finite period of time, could be worth your while.  [It may not be so easy to net a deal exactly when you want it on the road.]


Outdoor & Leisure equipment only

Kiwi Deals


Outdoor, Leisure &/or Sport equipment as a separate category

Product Saver

The Deal - Sport category


Outdoor, Leisure &/or Sport equipment not specifically classified 

Book Me



Daily Do

Deal a Day

Crazy Sales

1-day (They do have an Outdoors, and a Sports & Fitness category you can sign up for notifications in.)

secret sale

The Warehouse Red Alert


Outdoor & Sports Activities

Backpacker deals

Treat me



Rotorua One Day Deal

Stay Eat Play Rotorua area



Grab a Seat


Membership cards

There are a few travel/accommodation membership (ie you pay to get them) discount cards that are available and recognised in New Zealand:

YHA card

BBH card

STA Card (student, teacher or under 31 years)



Do you have a favourite one we've overlooked?  Let us know and we'll aim to add it.