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Fashion Friday Fabulousness

Hey my little munchkins!


My name is Vega, I'm the eldest of our crazy tribe, and something I am passionate about is fashion and style.

I see a lot of people who feel what they wear, is inhibited by money, social judgement, and, frankly, the shops available. And I know how that feels; but I want to show you guys how I deal with that; my style, and other peoples' who I find inspiring.

Now you're thinking "Well that was incredibly vague, what does that even mean?"

It means:

Street Fashion - well dressed people in a ugg-boots-and-pajamas-at-the-supermarket world (or town, or wherever I am at the time. Elegant pigs - tick!). These pics might be a whole outfit4, or they could be just a haircut, a handbag, or a pair of delicious shoes.1

DIY's - I make a LOT of my own clothes, jewellery and random knick-knacks, often cutting up "perfectly good garments" to Electra's (Mum's) disgust! Unfortunately, I forget to take 'progress' pictures, so I might end up showing you the finished product, and then draw a tutorial (that way you can't see the mess in my room, la-la-la-la-la, sorry mum).

Packing Guides - As we get closer to getting on the road, (fingers crossed) I will be researching what to pack, methods of sorting out (and throwing out) clothing, that sort of thing. I have seen 20-25 day basic outfit plans, but nothing more long-term.

Fashion Reports - (so official and snobby sounding!) Which is really my spouting my observations on the latest trends, whether on the streets or on places like (plaid shirts tied around the waist is very in at the moment, going for the sophisticated lumberjack look - and that's just the women, all they need is stillettos and stubble, and voila! (If you find me annoying now, feel free to skip these, just a warning!))

Op-Shop Haul posts - Because I love these places (yes, that's right, I'm so hipster. Because I was the cool form of uncool before uncool became a thing)2 But, these will probably be immediately followed by "Mum made me cull my wardrobe" posts. Oh well.

Hum. I think that's about it. 

In case you hadn't noticed, I ramble frequently, so writing concisely is a little difficult for me to achieve, for instance, this post took me over 45 mins and I'm not even certain that I'm finished. Heaven forbid I ever get a Youtube channel, It'd never stop :D 3 




(Randomly hug someone, or comment positively on the way they look. It'd make their day.)


(1) I apologize in advance for the un-professional photos, I haven't been able to work out our camera, too scared I'll break something!
(2) See Rhett & Links' "Epic Rap Battle: Geek vs. Nerd" on Youtube. Truely worth your while, Gemma knows it almost off by heart. 
(3) At first I wasn't going to include emoticons, but then I realised that I had to express emotion in a way that didn't come across as psychopathic. Instead I'll choose to come across as a text-crazed teenie bopper. Same difference.
(4) If I include a full body image, I have asked permission to do so. (I'm not a crazy stalker. Just crazy.)