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Gathering information

In the last fortnight it has become quite evident that we need some system of planning and recording all the details of our trip.

At present we have a North Island and a South Island exercise book to record places of interest and no- or low-cost camping sites.

That is when I thought that adding this information to a website, would be the most logical next step.

We can record the places, events and activities that we find from the library books, online and from recommendation; and be able to tag them with helpful extras like gps co-ordinates enabling us to more easily 'see' and plan our routes.

When we refer to them in our future posts, all the information is there already, in case others want to follow in our footsteps or plan their own adventure.

That led to the idea of a totally separate website all-together.  

So eventually we will have all this information available on Keen Kiwis - helping Kiwis see our World when it's officially launched and will add to it as we travel ourselves.

What I would like to happen is for other Kiwis to be able to add their photos and ideas directly to the site, thereby crowd-sourcing the information, and reaching further than we possibly can.