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A gem from Gemco

Anyone would think we spend a lot of time watching diggers, cranes, concrete mixers, builders and the like around here...well, we do have 3 boys!

Top marks to Gemco for their presumably OSH-dictated hazard prevention effort.

I'll let you peruse their sign, but I'm sure you'll smirk at the final directive "Watch your language" with no less than three exclamation marks.  Good on you guys, for trying to change the public opinion of those in the industry!

Gemco Construction site sign


Syntax Schmintax is an attempt to document, and make myself more aware of, the grammatical errors being made in advertising and marketing by organisations who in the main employ professional sign-writers and printers.  It is by no means an authoritative reference, and is only my personal opinion.  Feel free to chime in and comment, especially if you are one who has an English honours degree (which I don't)!