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How to choose a motorhome or caravan

Motorhome vs caravan - how to choose?

Images used with permission

After a 1000km whirlwind trip to Auckland for the Motorhome & Caravan Supershow, our drive home was filled with various discussions of what we had seen.

The major and somewhat obvious realisation was that we needed to 'start with the end in mind'.

We already knew that our plans to live full-time on the road for 9-12 months as a family were rare; and the show confirmed that.

Vendor after vendor stated that they don't bring in anything for 6 - it's a couples or the average[1] 2-children-family market.

The plethora of motorhomes and caravans are absolutely perfect for the target market, which we learned was 55 - 75 year olds.

Additionally there were no buses at the show.

Prior to the show we were pitting a converted bus against a motorhome (or two), with the bus winning out on many counts.

The very first stand we visited, gave us an alternative idea though, suggesting we could pair a motorhome and caravan together which bore consideration; and later we saw our first caravan with slide-outs.

For those who are playing along at home here is the dichotomy we discovered:  

  • Freedom camping vs Camping ground
  • Long-term vs Short-term (weekend)
  • Year-round vs Summer (inside vs outside)
  • 7 people vs 2-4 people 
  • Solar (12V) + Gas vs 240V + Gas
  • 1 year <-> adult vs 55 - 75 years
  • Working | Schooling | Exploring vs Relaxing | Staying stationary

Those average couples or average families who want to stay the weekend in a camping ground or somewhere with basic facilities (ie electricity and water) during summer will be fine with a standard motorhome or small caravan.

The rest of us are stuck for choice in New Zealand.


Join us as we explore the considerations above in our series 'How to choose a mobile home.'