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How do I know we ought to be doing this?

Porangahau Bridge, Central Hawkes Bay

Three things came my way today, that lead me to believe that we are on the right path planning to be location independent.

The first was an email meme “ As you journey through life & its Roads and Paths…" (PDF download)
This quote: Take nothing for your journey,” Jesus instructed them. “Don’t take a walking stick, a traveler’s bag, food, money, or even a change of clothes" Luke 9.3 (NLT).
As well as this one ““If you engage in travel, you will arrive.” Ibn Arabi”
While I would find it hard to take the second quote literally with a family, instead it sort of encouraged me that things will work themselves out of the uncertainty that is preparation.
There are so many if's, but's, and how's in the period between when you first have the idea to travel, and the actual travelling. It is here in no-mans-travel-land that you realise that as with anything else in life there are your perfect plans, your not-going-there plans and then the areas of compromise in between.
The phase of beginning is itself a right of passage. You start to frame your decisions from a different perspective.
In the past few weeks I have experienced a loosening of ties to things physically around me, knowing full well, that all this 'stuff' can not come with us. To be perfectly honest that is something that I am looking forward to, but on a more primitive level. The less 'stuff' that the children have, the easier it will be for them to keep it tidy, and the less I will have to nag. Well at least that is the plan.
I feel wrong in clipping Vega's attachment to 'stuff' aka clothing and material in this way, but that girl has got 4-5 times what I do in my wardrobe.

I don't think I mentioned that we have all sorted through our clothing and footwear in the last month.  The most challenging part in the process is getting rid of the items we don't need in a timely (read that fast enough so they don't end up sitting around for too long) manner. Just recently I had found a family to pass clothing on to, and whatever they didn't need they passed onto the op shop. So that is definitely one route. Another is to take the time to try and sell it in a garage or car boot sale, especially as we will need every cent we can for our journey.