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We are stuck for choice in New Zealand for competitive insurance - behind the retail policies are only a very few underwriters, full stop; and even more so for our mobile homes.  


Many go to their current insurer hoping to add to their 'package deal' of insurance types (house, contents, car etc).  Trouble seems to be that these add-on policies are seldom well-written for the wide variation of mobile home types.


The 3 main insurance policies specifically being sold to cover mobile homes are:


Campercare (Vero Insurance)

Covi (Lumley General Insurance)

Movan (sold by Bay Insurance)


Please, please, please look well into what is and isn't covered.  Common sense does not prevail in insurance, it is a case of let the buyer beware.


These are by no means exhaustive, but just some questions to get you started looking at the policies:

  • Is both the body (cab/truck/deck) and the living area insured?  Or just the body?
  • Does it cover water damage?  What type?
  • Does this include contents too?  How much?
  • Am I covered if: a gust blows the mobile home over; it is struck by a wave; it is damaged by a snow storm; or it falls off the ferry?
  • Am I covered for somewhere to stay (if the mobile home is your permanent residence) if the mobile home needs repairs?  Or will it cover my costs home?
  • Is the policy cheaper if I am permanently parked rather than mobile?
  • Does the policy cover anything I may tow and it's contents ie a trailer or a-frame?
  • Am I covered for contents that is transported on the outside of the vehicle ie bicycles, kayaks?
  • Does my mobile home comply with the relevant current requirements for the insurance policy ie COEF? 
  • Is there a lesser policy fee if I have: a safe on board for valuables; monitoring equipment for electrical and water systems; GPS tracking or a burglar alarm?
  • Replacement value or market value?
  • If involved in an accident that requires panel-beating & painting, will the paint job match?
  • Are all eligible drivers covered?
  • Does someone or some group get a kick-back if I purchase this policy?  Is their advice therefore independent?
  • Was I offered their best price first time? 
  • What is the excess?
  • Are windows and glazing covered or extra?