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NZ Vehicle Dimensions

As part of looking at what mobile homes are available overseas and what the likelihood would be of importing something, we had to find out what the maximum vehicle dimensions were for New Zealand.

In short it is 2.5m wide, 4.25m tall, 11.5m long if towing a trailer or 12.6m if not towing.

There are other factors to consider as well, like front overhang, turning circle diameter etc.  You can see all of that here.

The choice of mobile homes in a country such as America are huge, with only a tiny few being imported here.  The main differences are that they run on 110-120v; are left hand drive (if you aren't talking about a 5th-wheeler) and end up having their entry doors and pull-outs opposite to what we would design.  The prices seem very competitive for the features - it is hard not to get envious and frustrated.

The process and cost of importing varies per country of origin, and initially looks enough to put anyone off.  I won't say the door is firmly closed, but it would take quite a bit of research and organisation to bring something out.