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Our mobile home needs vs wants

As a result of the show and previous research we concluded that what we NEED for full-time family living on the road is:

  • separate accommodation for the children, so that we can stay up at night and work, and the children's staggered sleep-times can be maintained
  • a large living space so we can hang out together and eat together, especially during winter when cabin fever is a distinct possibility
  • a larger fresh water holding tank (400-500l) and correspondingly-sized grey and black tanks
  • a full oven and cooktop
  • a larger 3-way (gas/240v/12v) fridge but that if we can't find what we need any cavity can be made into a fridge or freezer.  Our current capacity at home is 860l - the largest fridge I saw at the show was 190l.
  • as many alternative electricity and water heating methods as possible: solar panels, solar water heating, LED lighting etc 
  • 12-volt, (24-volt) and 240v
  • 7 3-point seatbelts preferably all forward-facing
  • permanent (fixed) or semi-permanent (fold-down) beds so that each person can have their own space and we don't have to convert the beds each night
  • some way to wash clothes and nappies daily; whether an automatic machine, a manual rotating washer, a waterless automatic machine or using the laundromat
  • ample secure storage areas and a burglar alarm
  • 2 gas bottles
  • at least a queen bed for the adults.
  • well-insulated to withstand a NZ winter
  • gas detector / carbon monoxide detector
What we'd LIKE is:
  • tinted windows (to keep inside cooler)
  • nook for computer
  • hard flooring throughout - no carpet
  • an alternative toilet system (to cut down on water use) like the Separatt composting toilet perhaps otherwise 2 cassettes for a chemical toilet
  • a shub shower ? Otherwise we can use a large bucket for bathing the baby
  • a stereo system (Vega, Gemma and Atlas are into their 'tune's!)
  • reversing camera / gps
  • water tank monitors
  • extractor fans in bathroom and kitchen
  • reverse osmosis water filter
  • outside tap and shower
  • bbq
  • awning (sided)
  • insect screens on windows, vents etc
  • ability to convert to veggie-fuel (ie has to already be diesel)


Updated November 2014