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Race course or Racecourse?


Hastings presently has a permanent venue for horse racing, and another for agricultural and trade shows.  They are looking at combining the two in the future.

For now though it is enough to know that the Hawke's Bay Racing is here to stay; and therein lies the problem with today's sign.

A 'Race course' is any non-permanent venue that can be used for any kind of racing, be that two-legged, three-legged or four-legged etc.

A 'Racecourse' however is a horse racing track.

I have never known anything other than horses to be raced on site.

Therefore I must conclude that this sign ought to read "Racecourse".


Syntax Schmintax is an attempt to document, and make myself more aware of, the grammatical errors being made in advertising and marketing by organisations who in the main employ professional sign-writers and printers.  It is by no means an authoritative reference, and is only my personal opinion.  Feel free to chime in and comment, especially if you are one who has an English honours degree (which I don't)!