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RAOK round-up #6

Buntings, luminaires, table numbers for a bon voyage themed send-off


RAOK round-up documents the random acts of kindness or volunteerism that we have been able to do for others over the last month. Our focus is to do something for someone each week. Listing them here celebrates this goal, and we hope may help to make you more mindful of what you have to give too.

Winter can mean there are less people out and about outside but then again those that are might just appreciate the kindness more...?

  • Castor and Pollux zipped around the supermarket while I was putting our groceries in the van and put half a dozen trolleys back in the main bays
  • Took a few meals to a homeless guy and invited him to a complimentary lunch at the café
  • Walked through town giving away 250 lollipops wishing folks a "Happy Friday!"
  • Vega set aside some gluten free biscuits, from baking for her dad, to take to a friend who is gluten free and dairy free
  • Took a couple of light meals to a terminal cancer patient and her husband
  • Make sweets treats, to celebrate a co-worker who completed her qualification, to share with colleagues
  • Sang Castle in a cloud from 'Les Miserables' for strangers (mainly Vega and Gemma)
  • Vega is still waitressing as a volunteer at the inner city café despite having a lot on her plate at present; and is organising the music for it too
  • I (Electra) am a barista at the same coffee bar and have helped them develop a training and systems manual, especially as we now offer work experience placement to tertiary students
  • Bought snacks for a co-worker
  • Offered our culled clothes (Vega and Electra) to attendees at an upcycling talk
  • Helped various older folk, read and reach things in op shops
  • Crafted 25ms of bunting and a couple of dozen luminaires for a bon voyage send-off for a couple going to Canada


The luminaires lit with led tea-lights weren't quite bright enough except when seated