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Off to see the birds

Listening to the harmony of the brass band

One of the local parks has a small public outdoor aviary, a cricket pitch and field, children's playground, winter house, Chinese garden, duck pond, and general green space.

Today it was off out to the aviary as it was a warm day and we needed to get out of the house.

We had a delightful surprise when sounds of a brass band were heard behind the cages, so we wandered around to the rest home, and stood listening to the Salvation Army Brass Band - all of 6 men.  It was a real delight that they would forsake the Sunday morning gathering to bring such joy to those who often would not be able to get out by themselves or at all.

Visiting the birds

All preening themselves - hard to take a photo through the wire

Mural at the aviary

Wisteria and Pohutukawa at the aviary