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What do I pack?

There are really a lot of things that we can do without, and very few things we use on a daily or weekly basis.

So how do you figure out what to pack in a mobile home, besides the advice to make sure everything is compact and stacks?

What we have started to do, for our kitchen area, was tape a piece of paper to our pantry door, and as we go about preparing meals or using the space, we write on it what we used.

The conundrum will come with those items that are valuable but which currently only get used at one time of the year, like the preserving equipment.  I know some families have more time and opportunity to bottle on the road, but then you do have to intend to consume the produce in a timely manner as well.  I can see that jams and fruits would be beneficial, with the occassional pickle thrown in for good measure, but would a large stock pot readily replace the preserving pan, leaving only the wide-mouthed funnel and bottle tongs to pack?  I will have to sit on that one for a while, and concentrate instead on refining the list on the wall.

The other part to this equation is what food stuffs do we use?  Do we need 2 dozen spices and blends?  How many packets of pasta do we go through on a regular basis, and what kind?  Much of this can be determined by your grocery dockets, so start to stockpike these.  They can serve a double purpose, in that while you are looking through what you have brought you also write up a master shopping list to make the shopping process a whole lot simpler en route, when things are going to be tucked away, possibly out of sight, in your motor home.  As you run out of something you check it on the list.  We have laminated our home shopping list and use a whiteboard marker with it.