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Who are we? What are we doing?

We are well on our way to dreaming about our New Zealand experience. Dozens of books have been borrowed from our local community library, and get shifted back and forth from table to floor to couch to library box. Our minds have been expanded with the possibilities of where we may go; and for me, my heart is embracing the deeper possibilities of where we may grow.

The ideas for our online presence have morphed organically into something that we all have contributed to and 'own'. We to'ed and fro'ed about identity and privacy, about how to present the information, why we wanted to share our journey and much more, until finally it started to 'sit' with me.

One afternoon our avatars were designed, seemingly effortlessly by Vega, Gemma and Atlas. Another few hours and we had discussed, and developed our theme and identity. So for those beginning the journey with us check out our stellar family here.