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Who I am not!

It was Teddy Roosevelt who said "Comparison is the thief of joy".

As I contemplate more and more the idea of crowd-funding or sponsorship for our adventure I ask myself 'who do you think you are?' and am reminded that there are a whole lot of other deserving people out there too.  I start comparing and then feel like I ought to give up before I have even tried.  I compare myself to other location independent travellers, to 'qualified' professionals, and my peers.

So in case you had any illusions I thought that I would state for the record who I am not.

I am not:

  • a graphic designer or website guru (although I am learning about website design)
  • an extrovert (I value my privacy)
  • a journalist  (I would hope that what I write is fluent and intelligent)
  • a photographer (I am reading up on how to become better)
  • a super mum (I do the best that I can and if that means I do a little something extra that is a bonus)
  • perfect (I do hate letting people down)
  • qualified (I haven't been to university as I didn't have the money up front, and then life happened.  Life coincidentally has taught me much.)

However I am;

  • human
  • passionate
  • organised
  • strong
  • creative
  • honest
  • real
  • grateful
  • a hard worker
  • a homeschooling mum dedicated to wanting the best for my children
  • a loyal wife

You will undoubtedly learn more about me/us as you join us on this journey.  I only hope you are not disappointed.  

My intention in sharing this part of our family adventures with you is that something here will inspire you to be more of who you are, to embrace life, and to nurture and realise your dreams.

Carpe momentum!